is an openstack cloud set up using Minimalistic Object Oriented Linux(MOOL) developed at DOS Lab, IIT, Madras. MOOL distribution supports C++ framework for writing device drivers and message filters for linux kernel and it is possible to optimize the openstack run-time environment.

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CLOUDMOOL OpenStack Cloud is useful to create labs tailored to courses such databases, operating systems, cloud computing etc. CLOUDMOOL can also be used for setting up private cloud infrastructure in Industry for building machine learning applications in-house using Big Data.

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Cloud Computing and Machine Learning are becoming synergic in the sense that data analytics and machine learning models at scale is possible with Cloud with its ability to store unlimited amounts of data and processing power to do analytics and machine learning on Big data.

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CLOUDMOOL from Professor. Dharanipragada Janakiram

CloudMOOL is openstack private cloud built using Minimalistic Object Orietned Linux(MOOL) distribution created by Prof. Dharanipragada Janakiram at Distributed Object Systems (DOS) lab at IIT, Madars. The CloudMOOL uses the message filter framework of MOOL in creating optimal execution environment for OpenStack private cloud and ideally suited for setting up private cloud infrastructure in industry and engineering colleges.