CLOUDMOOL OpenStack Cloud is useful to create labs tailored to courses such databases, operating systems, cloud computing etc. Specific instances can be launched using the private cloud by the students for doing their assignments. This will help consolidate various labs in the college onto the private cloud platform with virtualized resources of network, computing platform and storage and launching Pre-installed Cloud instances. “Machine Learning & Cloud Computing” is one such course that can be offered. Various frameworks needed for teaching the course can be preconfigured into container instances which can be launched by the student when doing assignments in the course. This will simply learning for the student making him concentrate on the core concepts than building the environment which will be extremely time consuming for a novice student.  The CLOUDMOOL comes with several preconfigured docker images for teaching different courses and this will avoid setting up different labs for different courses in the college and help in consolidating and managing the labs in the college.

CLOUDMOOL can also be used for setting up private cloud infrastructure in Industry for building machine learning applications in-house using Big Data. This will help preserve the security and privacy of the data by keeping data within the premises of the Industry.  It is possible to integrate the private cloud with public clouds if the need arises to scale the models beyond the capacity of the private cloud.  


As a part of the program we help Educational Institutes, Training institutes, Corporate Offices to adapt and setup CLOUDMOOL Lab to offer CLOUDMOOL courses. Students are provided with a course completion certificate at the end of the course. All the courses are designed by Professor. Dharanipragada Janaikarm, IIT Madras.