MOOL(Minimalistic Object Oriented Linux) is aims at redesigning the Linux kernel to reduce coupling and increase in maintainability by means of Object Oriented abstractions, is developed by DOS Lab at IIT Madras and integrated into BOSS(Bharat Operating System Solution) distribution developed by CDAC, Chennai as a new offering to Linux Community. Further, the BOSS-MOOL Kernel supports localization at Console level, which hitherto was not available on any flavors of LINUX. To download or to know more about the MOOL kernel.(click here)

GAS uses GPUs for intensive computational scheduling decisions to balance workloads across CPU cores in multi-core environment which showed a result in improvement of performance by 24% reduction in execution time in average for Spark-Bench workload compared to default linux scheduler. To read the research paper publised on GAS – GPU Assisted Process Scheduling for Multi-core Systems.(click here)

SPARKER is a resource efficient strategy for spark to improve performance of jobs in heterogeneous cluster out performs spark resulting in 32.5% for Machine Learning and graph applications. To read the research paper published on Sparker.(click here)