CLOUDMOOL is an openstack cloud set up using Minimalistic Object Oriented Linux(MOOL) developed at DOS Lab, IIT, Madras. MOOL distribution supports C++ framework for writing device drivers and message filters for linux kernel. Using MOOL kernel it is possible to optimize the openstack run-time environment. CLOUDMOOL built using MOOL comes with GPU assisted Scheduler (GAS) for launching containers in the private cloud and GAS optimizes the container placement and their migration at run time based on the workloads and thereby enhancing the performance of big data workloads such as Spark by about 40%. 

CLOUDMOOL is ideally suited for mid and small sized industry for setting up in-house private clouds and doing big data processing using the private cloud infrastructure. It helps in building machine learning models using the big data and deploying the models in the cloud. CLOUDMOOL can be easily deployed and customized over 10s of servers in a private cloud environment and it is easy to add more servers to the private cloud environment using CLOUDMOOL.

CLOUDMOOL can also be used by colleges to set-up a private cloud consolidating various server resources needed for labs required for teaching different courses. It is also easy to add more server resources to the CLOUDMOOL private cloud based on demand. It will also help students learning the emerging technologies of cloud computing, containers and dockers, machine learning, iot and cloud. CLOUDMOOL is an ideal private cloud platform for engineering colleges and help them avoid setting up costs of different labs for different courses.